Colonel Child Bloom Sr. Sec. School
ARTS / COMMERCE (Admission Open)
Recognised and Affiliated to CBSE. Affilition No.- 2730610

School   : +91-8010855533
Principal : +91-9868383337

‘An artist's style is a continuous process of invention , inventive minds work with paper and express their innermost thoughts in their craft work. Mosaics, paper mache, pins & threads are all there for students to work on. This department helps to work out the divinity that is busy within young creative and innovative minds. Students create riot with colours and learn while having fun with their imagination going wild with glass. Emboss rope painting etc. Outstanding art work fires the imagination and creativity of the students.
‘To sing well and to dance well is to be educated’. Dance is used as a means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. Students learn to choreograph and make formations; limb movements and co-ordinate steps are a part of their learning experience.

The students are taken through various lndian and Western dance forms like lndian Classical, ]azz, Hip Hop, Salsa and these are some of the most eagerly awaited moments, of self expression, in the day. The Department of Music and Dance is committed to excellence, innovation, learning in action, and entrepreneurship.
The school believes in the over-all development of the students and therefore, provides excellent sport’s facilities to its students. Under the guidance of professional coaches, the students receive training in the games of their choice and become motivated to participate enthusiastically in the sport events held at the inter-house, inter-school, state and national level.
Walk through the lanes of the school premises and you may encounter some students stretching their bodies and relaxing. And this can come only through a regularized routine for Yoga and meditation. Various Asanas and breathing exercises form an integral part of their schedule. Not only has it developed their physical ability and vitality but has also helped them Channelize their energy and temper down. The several yogic postures and Asanas have really enhanced the concentration abilities of our learners.
Academic programme aims at providing intellectual stimulation and maturity of mind. The students are told about the equal importance of all subjects. They are encouraged to pursue to study a blend of both physical sciences and social sciences. The School arranges visits to museums and film shows of educational value to make the class room teaching more interesting and effective.
The school has built up a very attractive Nursery department, which caters to the needs of the children between the age of 3-5 years. Due stress is laid on play way method. They are exposed to audio - visual programme with no formal instruction or use of text books. They are kept practically free from home work and their performance is evaluated through their day to day work.
Each class is under the charge of a teacher known as class teacher. He is assisted by a number of specialists who teach the student subjects like music, physical education, computer skills, Hindi and humanities. The students are provided with in depth knowledge by the specialists in all subjects. To sustain the interest of students in learning, latest scientific and electronic methods are practiced
The school has a fleet of CNG-Run buses for the conveyance of children. The students using buses are picked up from and dropped at the stop fixed by the school. No new route introduced unless sufficient demands. Bus charges are payable distance wise. Transport once availed can not be withdrawn in the mid of the session.
The school promises to provide a valuable foundation in the building up of not only academic excellence but also character an overall growth of the students .Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the school curriculum and a good number of students participate in some activity or the other so as to top their innate potential.